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I am Michelle – a mother, a wife, a quilter, a thinker, a woman who lives a full life with Psoriatic Arthritis, a passionate amateur visual merchandiser, a lover of travel, a fabricologist, a socialiser, a lover of photography, an occasional drinker (well maybe more than occasional) and a lover of learning.

I have a mind full of doing with a body that won’t keep up. This blog is my life through the lens of living with a chronic condition. (But I really hate the word ‘chronic’ – maybe I could say painful condition – but that sounds like I’m constipated). 

So the name My Joint Perspective is just that – my life from the perspective of having a joint disease – Psoriatic Arthritis. Come along and join me on the journey.


Parenting in Pain – When the Kids Leave – Express Launch Time

Chaos reins supreme! Both kids moving to parts other than where I live - parts a long way from little Queensland!
...and then December came! Suddenly the bookends fall into place. What started 18 years ago with the first steps into preschool have ended with 2 graduation ceremonies - full of pomp and ceremony and magic and a bucketload of nostalgia. Gem and Dizzle have finished University and move onto life and move away. Gem into a remote part of Australia as a pharmacist and Dizzle accross the country into an Engineering role.
Friends, acquaintances and family have mentioned this ...

Oh Fatigue – I will manage you with a smile

Oh Fatigue - I will manage you with a smile.....said no-one ever.
So about mid March 2017 I woke up on a Sunday morning and started my process of getting up which is really a staged insertion into the world - or maybe a staged extraction from my bed.
Instead of my stiff, sore but always half jaunty 'Get up, Dress up, Turn up' attitude.....SMACK DOWN. Fatigue had hit me a sucker punch. I literally stepped back and fell on the bed (or sat so heavily that my feather pillows bounced - whichever version is more visually appealing).
You ...

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